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Power Saver

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Product Description

How it works.

These Power Savers use a state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to actively monitor and improve the power consumption of your household, office or industrial appliances. The power monitoring processor technology optimizes the voltage and current demands thus reducing the active power / KwH ( kilowatts per hour, 1 kW = 1000 W = the consumption of  10 X 100 W lightbulbs) and can achieve up to 50% depending on country and regular smooth power supply, typically in countries where power supplies are stable, this would be 10 to 15%  savings on your electricity bill! It also acts as a voltage stabilizer by storing energy for up to 10 seconds and therefore supplies the load with constant voltage during momentary power surges. This in turn results in a longer lifespan of your electrical appliances which is an added money saving benefit.

How can I check the unit to see if it's working the day I receive it?

It is possible, once your power saver unit arrives to run an immediate test. To do this, use an extension lead run from the nearest power socket, if required, to enable you to stand in front of your electric meter. 

While running this test, be sure to have an appliance such as an electric kettle or any other appliance that consumes a reasonable amount of power switched on, in the region of 1 to 2 kW (Electric kettle or an electric heater).  While standing in front of the meter observing the regular speed of the wheel (the clock) in your meter, plug the power saver into the extension lead, you will immediately see a reduction in the speed of the wheel, this in turn is an immediate indication of future reductions in your Electric Bill.

Test Reports / Certifications

This Power Saver is manufactured to the highest possible standards and is stringently controlled for quality assurance, which means reliability and years of service.

The field testing for a typical home consistently show that the Power Saver saves 3 to 7 Kw per day, based on electrical consumption of 30Kw per day.

When voltage supply is particularly unstable, which increases your domestic power consumption which in turn increases your electricity bill,  this innovative device can reduce the consumption by as much as 40%.

It couldn't be easier, simply plug it into any wall socket outlet and let it go to work.

This innovative development has been independently tested and checked for compliance with International Safety Standards.


Is it Legal?

Yes. It is a common appliance you can plug into any outlet of your home. It is absolutely legal and approved & certified. Since 1998 the United Nations Foundation itself has committed nearly $50 million towards promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Is it safe to use Power Savers?

Yes. These Power Savers have passed many tests and verifications at various certification levels. It has been inspected under strict conditions and is a zero defect product with high safety, non heat generating and non electrical energy consumption. It stabilizes and regulates voltage, reduces current and extends the life of your appliances.

If I plug in more than 1 Power Saver, will I save more?

No. One device is sufficient per Household/Office. Any additional units plugged in, will not increase savings.

Why use Power Savers?

Well all electrical equipment / appliances efficiency reduses with time, as appliances age, they will consume more power, hence higher electricity bills. Due to the amount of appliances in one household each with different power and current requirements this affects voltage and current consumption. Unstable supply (voltages) increase in resistance due to wire size and poor power supply which may result in power loss.

What is the lifespan of the Power Saver?

The Power Saver has been tested to above 80,000 hours of continued usage.

Do I need a qualified technician / electrician to install the Power Saver?

No. Just plug it into any wall socket and let it start saving!

Can Power Savers be used in other countries with different voltage?

Yes. Power Savers can be used in other countries that  have an electricity supply of 110 to 130 Volts AC or 220 to 240 Volts AC, 50-60Hz. Kindly confirm your plug pin requirements before placing an order with us for compatibility with your local sockets.

How many units would customers require?

For an apartment or house, you just need to install one unit

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